Three months after moving away, Ann left this voicemail: “[My son] really is missing you. Today in the car he said, 'I miss Stacey so much.' When I asked why, he said, 'She always made everything fun for me, and everything was always connected, and it always made sense.'”

Cheryl K.

“Stacey Buck has made speech therapy fun for my seven-year-old daughter, Lena, who looks forward to her weekly sessions. Stacey always has something new and exciting in her bag of tricks. She is very competent and a sensitive and compassionate person who brings years of experience to her work. In just a few months, Lena’s speech has greatly improved, not only because of Stacey’s professional skills, but also due to her wonderful warm and kind nature.”


“Maximo yesterday went to bed crying that he did not want the classes with you to end. He said your classes are so much fun and he wanted 30 more classes. I thought you would like to know how much he likes you. You have made learning fun. I want to thank you for all your hard work with Max, we are both going to miss you. See you next Monday.”

“I can not believe that we are done. It was very stressful when my husband and I made the decision that Max needed help and it was up to us to find the right person to help him. Not only find a person with the many professional qualifications that Dr. … specified but also someone that would be warm and caring. At the time it seemed that no one would fit our requirements. After talking with so many speech pathologists, I am very grateful that we found you. Working with you this year and a half was great. I especially want to thank you for your creativity to engage Max when he was tired after a long day at school. Max has gained so much confidence, reading is now one of his strengths and the most important thing is that he loves books. It is nice to be able to say goodbye although we are going to miss you.”

Noah and Jennifer

“We have always been grateful for Stacey’s combination of professionalism and caring. She is dedicated to the principles of her profession and to practicing them. And she shows a genuine affection for her clients and their families. We know that Stacey has been wonderful for our son, and this means so much to us.”


“Stacey worked with our teenage son shortly after he entered high school and through his successful graduation. We don’t know how he would have gotten through without her. She is a gifted teacher [therapist—you choose] who motivated him to address his underlying learning issues, not just focus on the immediate demands of school, showed him how to recognize when he needed help and encouraged him to seek it, and bolstered his confidence in his ability to succeed. On top of all that, she was his constant advocate with his teachers and with us, and one of his chief cheerleaders. He always knew she was in his corner.”