Stacey Buck has worked with children for over 15 years. Prior to opening her private practice in speech-language therapy, Stacey got her start teaching junior high and high school social studies in New York State. She then taught teens with profound cognitive and physical disabilities at the La Paz School in Chicago. After obtaining her masters degree in speech-language pathology, Stacey team-taught with a learning disabilities teacher at the Agassiz Elementary School. Stacey’s classroom experience helps her prepare children for academic success and provide meaningful input when consulting with teachers.

Today, Stacey’s private practice focuses on children, preschool through high school, and their families. When working with children, she uses play-based as well as strategy-based therapeutic activities to work on a variety of speech and language needs.

In addition to her private practice, Stacey formed the company ModbyMB, LLC, which was doing business as Let’s Choose, along with Lisa Maylee. Together they developed tools to help children help themselves.  They also provided teacher inservicing on curriculum modification and collaboration.

Stacey lives with her husband in Chicago and is a resident of Portage Park. She enjoys the farmers' market, her bootcamp and the outdoors.